Organic Wool Soap - Everybody Rocks 4

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Handmade wool soap "Everybody rocks 4"

Organic wool soap handmade in Spain. Olive oil and coconut oil handmade soap covered with sheep's wool.

The Pécora soap (wool/sponge + soap) is a natural and organic soap. Olive and coconut oil coated sheep wool. Pleasant and special aroma.

The wool turns soap into sponge and makes it lightly exfoliating. In addition, the wool is antibacterial so it does not create mold and dosage its wear favoring a longer duration.

The model everybody rocks talks about the earth and the texture of the lava, polished and quenched by the passing of time. Stones that tell us stories of the wind, the rain or the beating of the waves.

Pécora is not only a soap, but also a precious object of gift that will serve to bring beauty to the home.

Cold pressed handmade soap, of coconut oil and olive oil, covered with natural dyes treated sheep wool that makes it a slightly exfoliating sponge.

One of these artisan jabornes is a highly sensorial piece. Olive oil attracts moisture by creating a protective film. Pécora moisturizes, nourishes and brings softness.

Pécora products are made with 100% felted wool, a very old technique that uses only water, soap and movement (friction and heat). The wool has a unique properties: fineness, curly, length, elasticity, scaly surface and capacity to swell, which make it exceptional for the manufacture of this fabric. It is an elastic, fire retardant and resilient material.

Pécora is a firm created in the Canary Islands. Socially responsible company with the environment.

130 gr
Exfoliating, moisturizing and antibacterial
Wool and organic soap
11 x 7 x 4 cm
S1 - 04
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